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Hi all,

I bought Snake Pass and really enjoy playing it. However, I cannot stop noticing lags. When I launch the game and the Sumo company sequence starts, it always lags at the beginning. Also when the unreal engine sequence starts it lags.

Do you guys have this as well in the start sequences (Sumo/Unreal engine logo sequences) and/or the game? I wonder if my switch is faulty since I would not expect lags when it plays a video sequence!?

Update: I just watched some videos on youtube. In the youtube videos, I cannot see any lag. So does this mean my Switch does not perform as it should and thus the lag in a video playback company logo sequence? Alternatively, has this changed after the recent time trials update? I haven't played before the update and this cannot say... Any help from people who own the game would be appreciated since I am worried my Switch is defective. Thanks in advance!

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