Topic: Should Nintendo release a 35th anniversary collection of some of the most popular Legend of Zelda titles for the Switch?

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Nah, it would make more sense to release the NES Zelda games on the eShop instead. That's obviously what everyone wants.

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I for one would like to see the HD Legend of Zelda remakes from the Wii U era ported to Switch. Preferably as a double pack with both Windwaker and Twilight Princess together.

For classic games I've been saying for a while now, that if they don't want to have virtual console anymore and aren't willing to do anything more than NES for NSO (for some God forsaken reason) then they should release "console collections" on cartridges for NES, SNES, Game Boy/Color, GBA and N64. Even Gamecube. I'm thinking collections like we had on the NES mini or SNES mini.

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I think it depends on botw2. If that is nearing completion, then they'll probably treat that as the game to celebrate it. I remember Skyward Sword has a big anniversary logo on it for the 25th anniversary - jesus that's nearly 10 years old.

But if that's a long way off, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some collection of some kind.

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It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea. They will most likely will include Zelda 1 and 2, Link to the past, the Gameboy games, and Minish Cap. Maybe they could include the ports of the 3DS remakes of Ocarina and Majora, but I think they’ll probably use the N64 versions.

I can see a Switch port of the Wii U versions of Wind Waker and Twlight Princess happening. I can also see Nintendo porting both games separately though.

I’m not sure if there will be an HD remake of Skyward Sword in the near future.



It would be cool but I really doubt it. What I think will happen is:

  • NES (LoZ, Zelda II): We know this, NSO exclusive (released during NSO year 1)
  • SNES (ALttP): NSO exclusive (released during NSO year 2)
  • GB (Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons): Remakes (Link's Awakening remake already confirmed)
  • GBA (ALttP/Four Swords, Minish Cap): NSO exclusive (released during NSO year 3)
  • N64 (OoT, MM): NSO exclusive (released during NSO year 4)
  • GC (WW, TP): HD remasters on Wii U ported to Switch
  • GC part 2 (Four Swords Adventures): Doesn't come to Switch
  • DS (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks): Doesn't come to Switch
  • Wii (Skyward Sword): Doesn't come to Switch (with Switch Lite coming in September, I doubt we'll see anymore 1st party games be docked exclusives)
  • 3DS (ALBW, Triforce Heroes): Doesn't come to Switch


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Bold of you to assume a SS remake would need to be confined to the dock, or that Nintendo will stop making games with modes that require separate joycons.

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It depends on who you ask @Reckless_Linklin. If you ask consumers then yes because who doesn't want that. If you ask Nintendo and their stockholder no because we've made millions slowly re releasing old games over and over again for decades now. And why change things if it ain't broke?

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@BacklogBlues This is just an opinion. But i have no problem with them being released individually. However, as we all know Nintendo will only develop games for the switch for so long. While currently it looks like it will have a long life as current Nintendo console eventually it will be replaced. This creates the same issue that is already an issue. There are too many Legend of Zelda titles on too many playing mediums. (Pokemon fans understand this too well, not even possible to complete a full pokedex unless you have a time machine) By the time you release all of them individually the switch will be history. What Nintendo customers need are all/majority of games on a updated console. (I say updated console because the gamecube was darn close with i think around 11-13 titles playable on it? That number may not be right) @grumblevolcano has a fairly realistic release schedule if it were to happen but i would like to see some form of physical copies, not just online versons for when the eventual end if the switch era comes.



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