Topic: The Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Service Thread

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Just needs super Mario kart online.

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DannyBoi wrote:

The one thing I can't understand is how Nintendo has been this slow to add more than nes games. They know we have been complaining and are sick and tired of nes games, yet they carry on and do nothing. Do they not understand the concept of improve the online service?

I really believe it's nothing more than afterthought to them. It's pretty much the least effort they could put into it aside from doing absolutely nothing.
The word 'effort' is big stretch here too. The only effort is the initial creation of the emulator to run on the Switch. After that, its just ROM dumping, so the only effort that's been made for many months now has been adding ROMs.
Why they treat it this way, I don't understand either. They're sitting on a veritable gold mine.



So who's ready for Super Mario All Stars?? Woo-hoo!


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Yea, I mean, this is obviously Nintendo finally grabbing their long-await piece of paid online that they've watched Sony and Microsoft enjoy for years.

I'm surprised we get cloud saves at all, to be honest. I fully expected them to just toss us a few NES games every now and then and call it a day.



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