Topic: Pokemon Sword + Shield Available with NSO game vouchers

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Just in case anyone planned on purchasing them like this, Nintendo has updated the list to confirm it.

Also, this would be a better deal if you plan on buying both games, rather than buying the box set, because in the US, it does come with anything extra. In Europe, you may still want the steel book.

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I guess that makes up for killing Club Nintendo...

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so the set release is actually nov 15??



If you sign up for an account on a website that sells digital gift cards you get a $10 off of a $100 purchase coupon code. They already sell eshop cards at a 10% discount, so you can buy $120 worth of eshop cards for like $98 with the coupon & 10% off discount. Then take $100 of the $120 worth of the eshop cash / credit and buy the $99.99 vouchers. When your done it's like getting $40 for free. I did this thanks to the advice from someone on this site and it works. Plus you get your Digital Eshop cash codes almost instantly with a money back guarantee.

Edit:@Ralizah was the on who hooked me up with this info so thanks them. And as of the writing of this post Raise has sent me another 10% off a purchase of $100 or more & a 4% off anything over $10 coupons. So apparently every now and then they send you more great coupon codes to go with the everyday 10% off.

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$20 savings from vouchers + $5 cash back via gold coins for buying vouchers + between $10 and $20 savings via buying credit from Raise makes digital vastly more attractive for cost-conscious Switch owners who like to buy games at launch.

You also get the occasional offer from other sources that are similarly good. Like the sixty dollars in Gamestop credit for $50 offer from Paypal recently.

I mean, I like game cards as much as anyone, but this sort of stuff adds up pretty quickly if you buy a lot of games each year.



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