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Hi, my 2 daughters play Mario Odessey together and one is mario and the other is cappy. The person that is cappy would love to be an actual character as well (like super mario 3d world on the WIIU)

Is there any way of changing cappy to an actual character?

Thank you.




@Cilla22 Nope. Player one is Mario, player two is Cappy (or whatever creature Cappy is controlling)


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@Cilla22 I feel your pain. It's not a solution, but I suggest giving Kirby Star Allies a try (there's a free demo on the online store). My daughters thoroughly enjoyed it, and it's definitely one they can play together.

Mario is a better game, but your girls will simply have to take turns playing as Mario, while the other controls Cappy.

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I second Kirby Star Allies. Mario Odyssey multiplayer seems more geared towards letting your 4 year old brother feel like he's playing while big brother plays as Mario. In Kirby, all players have pretty much the same role, and the game is also well suited to kids.

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Great thank you for all your help! I didn’t think there was a way but I wanted to check! We have arguments all the time on who is who 😳 I’ll have a look at the other game! Maybe Odyssey 2 may be 2 player!

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As others said, get Kirby. Not as great as SMO overall, but good fun (if somewhat chaotic) in multiplayer mode. Or if you want a Mario game: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

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