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Just got my Switch and I can confirm I too have the left joy-con sync issue but I have managed to get it working, for now.

I had it set up on top of my tv stand, positioned on top of my Sky Q box and partially obscured by my tv. In this configuration, the left joy-con would lose connectivity if I went more than two metres away from the console. Absolutely no connection at all. After faffing with it for an hour or so, I decided to move the console. It is now situated on the other side of my tv, just in front of it and I have not had any issues since.

In my configuration I have my 47 inch smart tv which is sat on top of a soundbase. To the left on top of the stand is my Sky Q box, blu-ray player sat on top of that. To the left of the TV, just in front, is my Switch. I then have my PS4 below the tv on the upper shelf and my Xbox one on the lower shelf.

I just wanted to share the above to give people the idea of all the 'interference' that should be present as I have masses of wires behind the tv. Nintendo telling us to move the Switch 3-4 feet away from sources of interference in not realistic for many and I managed to achieve what they suggested with only 4 inches of clearance around the Switch. It's early days as I've only played one game (Zelda) but right now the left joy-con is staying synced during gameplay.

I have contacted Nintendo to inform them of the issue, in case it is not a software issue and in case a recall / replacement is needed. I suggest anyone else with this problem does the same.

On a brighter note, I'm loving the features of the new system, I'm really enjoying Zelda BOTW and can't wait for all the upcoming releases!

Hope everyone is enjoying theirs!




I had the issue only a couple times when I first started playing on Friday, but in the last many hours of playtime haven't noticed anything. My dock sits right next to a wireless router, too lol But as long as I'm not basically leaving the room everything seems to be fine in terms of the reception now.



Did you do the day one update with the JoyCons attached to the system? I don't know if that actually does anything, but some people say it works.



Sorry for the double-post, but I wanted to share what could be interesting for lots of people:

Like I said, I did have the left Joycon issue a couple times when I first started my system. I did NOT have the Joycon attached to the system when I downloaded and applied the Day 1 update.

Just now, I decided to attach the Joycon and FULLY shut down the system (hold down the power button until the menu comes up. Select "Power Options" and then do a full shut down.)

I turned the system back on and went into the little calibration screen that we've all been seeing on the YouTube videos about this stuff. Now, and I kid you not, the problem seems to have gone away. Before, the left Joycon would start stuttering when I was sitting maybe 12ish feet away from the dock. Now, it's buttery smooth completely across the room (maybe like 24-30 feet). There is also very little (there is SOME) interruption when I hold the Joycon behind my back or cover it within the normal 12ish feet, and even when I walk further away the stuttering is nowhere near as bad as it was before. It's kind of at the point where you'd have to be watching very carefully to even notice it while you're twirling the stick quickly.

I know people read this stuff on Reddit or whatever and take it with a grain of salt, but honestly, I just did this, and these are the results I'm seeing. I hope this helps! (I'm going to post this in the main Switch thread, too. Mods can delete one or the other if they want.)

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I did that repairing thing someone showed on youtube. Still got issues. Mainly ghosting. Tomorrow I will tell my online store that I am going to send it back. Wonder how long it will take...



@rallydefault "...Now, it's buttery smooth completely across the room (maybe like 24-30 feet)".

That's quite a room!! (7.00-9.0meters).



So, I got my Switch launch day. Not a single issue. Behind the back, closed fist, across the roo, pointed the opposite direction even.

Extra set of Joycons... those were perfect too. Same tests.

Well, yesterday I decided to open my second Switch for the dock and AC charger and extra Joycons, and of course I tested them right away. To my surprise the left blue joy con would actually cut out if I covered it in a fist or put it behind my back and stood halfway across the room.

Now obviously during normal gameplay that's never going to happen so I could probably use the thing I never have a single issue. BUT. All five of my other Joycons work perfectly no matter what I do, so I know something is different with this one. I just called Nintendo and set up a repair. It's covered under warranty so might as well get it replaced now while it's free. Although I do plan to order a triwing screwdriver, and use my soldering iron (buried somewhere in the basement) to solder 1 inch copper wires to the board inside the Joycon to boost signal range if I encounter this problem again in the future. Saw a video where he was getting 40 foot perfect reception after soldering a little copper wire inside. That's crazy good reception.

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