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all those items you mentioned can't actually be added to the Switch physically, those are features and software systems and protocols at the Nintendo home base level

I made this thread for people to not only state what they would like added/fixed on the Switch itself
(which there are already dozens of)
but it was for those same people who wanted those things to either suggest how it can be done and/or ask someone else if their idea is feasible or just take a popular wish list addition to the Switch and come up with ideas how to do it, imagination meets machination

like how i came up with how to port DS/3DS games to the Switch and Bluetooth audio

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@GeeEmm it’s just unlocked for me now (randomly) so maybe you’re in luck too?

@jhewitt3476 ok... Sorry, that wasn’t abundantly clear? Fear not, I shall refrain from dirtying your thread with my poorly conceived ideas from here on out!



chill, it wasn't a lashing, don't try to make it look like i was trying to be an ass

I said, everyone has a problem with the system hardware, so instead of just saying what you want, say how you would do it

I didn't fault you or tell you to leave, nor even said your desire of an improvement was not good or worthy and
at no time was i being rude, there was no reason for you to be

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"If failure is the greatest teacher, how come we are not the most superior beings in the universe ???"


@Therad Full HD on a modern tv looks good. 240p probably does not.

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I'd like to be able to give a little more detail on your profile top three favourite games maybe, display high scores on games with leaderboards or maybe share screenshots on your profile.

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