Topic: Does your Switch do this?

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I just got a replacement switch from nintendo. I noticed that with this new switch, when you put a cartridge in, it stops right before the click noise. It isnt that hard to push pass, but still noticable. To see if you have it, push in the cartridge very slowly, and if it stops you before the click, thats it.



Mine has always done that, if I understand what you're describing.

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I don't have any cards as I'm all digital with Switch but it sounds just like any other device that accepts an SD card,you have to give it an extra push to lock it in place and then push it again for it to pop back out.It might not be the same on Switch,i don't know but going by the size of the cards I imagine it will be.

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Yeah, @OorWullie is correct. It has a push-in-push-out mechanism.

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