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Just saw a couple newsfeeds on this. I never played it back when it came out. My buddy always called it a Red Dead Rip-off. I want to try it though, but if it’s download only I’ll probably pass.

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It was rated for a physical release in North America.

I'm not sure about a physical release in other regions though.

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Certainly can't find anything about any Europe version, at all.... Could always import, if you wanted to, though

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Anybody here ever played Gun on PS2, Xbox or Gamecube? Now there's a game I'd like to see make a comeback! that was a fun western themed game! Never played call of Juarez but I'm interested.

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It’s certainly not a Red Dead rip-off. Your buddy probably said that just because of the wild west theme, but that would be kind of like saying that Red Dead is a Gun.Smoke rip-off, or that The Witcher is a Zelda rip-off.


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Isn't everything a rip off these days? Platformers rip off Mario, Every open world game is a Gta ripp off etc. Hard to stay original after nearly 40 years of videogames.



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