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would make great virtual console picks. Most North American gamers missed out on them.

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I had no idea these existed. I quite liked Adventure Island but not so much Bonks Adventure when I played it on Wii VC. I would buy both of them if they made it to VC if just for novelty sake even though they're pretty ugly looking games.

I just noticed there is a GameCube Star Soldier remaster from Hudson too and it looks really good. There's also a Lode Runner remake that is basically the Captain Toad levels from 3D World. Collect treasure from a diorama that can be rotated while avoiding enemies and hazards. So Captain Toad is nothing more than a Cubic Lode Runner rip off.

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i do hope we get some obscure picks from the Gamecube library when it does come, those games and the ones you mentioned wouldnt be hard to translate.

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I saw one on youtube called Giftopia, it was cartoony like Cuphead to a degree but played a bit like Animal Crossing. Another Gamecube pick!

Posts may be more salty than Nintended!


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