Topic: 1-2 Switch game is stuck on LR screen.

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I recently brought the 1-2 Switch game. I tried to play it many times, but can't get pass the L R screen. It's stuck on that screen and keeps repeating "Players, grab your Joycons." My joycons work with other games, but just not this one. I did a search on this, but none of the solution works. I did everything possible, pairing, re-pairing, restarting, etc. I just want to play this game. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me? Thank you!



@Oopie It's hard to tell without being able to see it in action. Are you pressing the SL/SR buttons on the side of the joycons? 1-2 Switch requires a single joycon per player so you'd need to connect like that.

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Thank you for replying.
Yes, I connected them as two separate controllers. It works when I play other multiplayer games, such as Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I don't know why is not working for 1-2 switch. I haven't been able to get pass that LR screen. Could the game be defective?



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