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Pokemon Go has now been out over a month. Millions of Pokemon have been caught across over 50 million players! It truly is madness how quickly this game got of the ground . One of the first things i noticed was how sociable people are with the app. So I thought I'd start the topic of what has been everyone's social experience with the game? Made new friends? Discovered new social groups? MADE NEW ENEMIES!?!?!

Feel free to share your story here il start with my own!

On day one of release in the UK I had to wait in a Doctors office for an X- Ray. While i waited 2 hours! I played some Pokemon Go, a just in range gym and some pokestops kept things interesting for me, and surprisingly a lot of other people waiting in the surgery. So many people looking at their phones, you'd think how is this sociable? Well they may have been looking at their phones but everyone was talking to each other about the game. I had conversations with people of several different age ranges, young and old male and female. Everyone was chatting to everyone. I think that's a rare and amazing thing for a game to do, and was very impressed to see it on its first day ( well official UK day)

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