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So i recently bought a Wii U and i want to delete the old user's mii/account/nintendo id. I did create a new mii/account/id for myself and am using that. The thing is, theres 3 games the old user bought and it let's me play them on my account. When I tried to delete his account it says something like "you will lose all data from eshop" (forgot what exactly it said).

I've looked elsewhere on the internet for answers but they seem to be back when the system relesed. want to make sure the answer has not changed.

I'm pretty sure i can delete his mii and use his account but i really dont like the name haha.

Will i lose those games if i delete the old user's account/id?



One more thing - i'd rather not use his account since i do not know his password to add money onto it! (unless i can change it) but i remember it not letting me use some features because i did not know his password. Perhaps the only solution is to just keep his account there and add money to mine(?)



Game downloads on Wii U are tied to the account of the user who purchased them, but can be played on any account on the system; if you delete an account, all games tied to it will also be deleted. If you want to continue playing the game he's downloaded, you would need to keep his account - you don't have to use it, you can just let it sit there and sign in with your own account - because the alternative would be buying them yourself on your own account.

tl;dr - yes, if you delete his account, the games he downloaded will also be deleted.

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ok thanks. thats what i thought but i saw some conflicting info that it was tied to the console. guess it will just always sit there =[



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