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So, it seems for the past week or so I've been getting this same error trying to add a friend from Swapnote on my Nintendo 3DS to my WIi U (We both have a 3DS and they now also hav a Wii U), which is as follows:

Wii U error: 101-0727
An error has occurred. This user has been deleted or is unable to use friend features.

I'm fairly certain I haven't deleted anyone added on my Wii U, which would be making this the 1st few tries I've been trying to add them. I understand the last part of this error seems obvious....I dunno. I fwas hoping maybe someone could tell me something I'm not seeing here or that isn't already obvious because i would assume they've added people as well....I'm not 100% certain about that, just judging from their Swapnote messages.

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