Topic: My Wii U keeps freezing when I play Darksiders 2

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Hello everybody, I'm new to this community and I wanted to ask you some questions: Do your Wii Us still freeze as of today? I've been presenting this particular issue with this game like 3 times, and I thought the March update the console received could've helped me to not worry for the freezings. However, when I turned on my console and played Darksiders 2 for 1 hour, I just heard that horrible 'WiiUVuzela' sound, A.K.A. Horn of Death.

Is this a problem relationed with hardware, or is it more software-specific? I haven't had a simple freezing with NintendoLand and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (which are my other two games), so I'm scared and confused.

Another question: Why did these freezings start spreading in the first place? I'm totally clueless as how they released a console with these problems.

Finally, I'd like to ask if there's a small chance in the future for these freezing problems to stop going on me. Thanks for reading and sorry for the trouble I caused you, some of you might have busy lives.



Darksiders II is a little prone to freezing, apparently. And with THQ having gone under recently, I wouldn't hold your breath for an update patch.


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It would be THQ's problem, not your system or Nintendo. THQ needed to put out a patch fixing bugs, but went under recently so don't expect anything.


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Yep. I don't hear of any other games freezing except for Darksiders II which leaves me to suspect that its a software problem. Like others have said their wont be a fix for it since THQ is gone which is why this problem was never fixed. The only thing I can suggest is save often and if it becomes a problem you can always get it on Xbox 360 or PS3.

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Both my cousin and I freeze with Skylanders Wii U a lot, of course no reason to expect a patch for that(they had better not stuff up optimizing the next game)...
Some games are just lock-up-prone, unfortunately...

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