Topic: My comments are playing a very good game of Hide-and-go-seek.

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One of my comments on the Kart Krashers trailer article has dissapeared. I did NOT delete it. This isn't the first time this has happened, as two comments I made on the Project Sora Disbanded article have dissapeared, as well as a picture from the comment I made that's still there. Also, a comment I deleted on the No More Heroes 2 review has reappeared.


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Considering the image was edited out by me, I'm assuming the comments deleted were by me or someone else acting in a moderatorial stance as well. It couldn't have been anything too awful since you weren't given an official warning about whatever happened (nor did i bother taking a screengrab before editing your comment), but chances are you should take a closer look at the Community Rules before you leave your next comment at Nintendo Life.

edit: wait, i remember what the image was — it was a facepalm macro. those have long-since been no bueno here at Nintendo Life, and I was in too much of a hurry to replace it with a cute dog image. :3

As for users deleting their own comments, we know this is a problem and Ant is working on it. If you're in an article, game, or review page on the main site, post a comment, and then try to delete it from said page it will briefly delete itself and then pop back up again. Some users have reported successful comment deletion via their user profiles (remember that your comments show up there too now), but if you can't delete your own comment(s) that way either, please let us know via Contact Form. Thank you!

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