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Topic: Minor 3DS System Software Issue

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For the 1st time since the last system update, my battery died. I took it out of my pocket, noticed the lights were flashing red, & pressed the power button. Instead of seeing the power off / sleep mode screen, the screens went blank & then I pressed the power button. It did nothing, so I spammed it, & after about 10 seconds it turned off. I turned it on again to make sure nothing was terribly wrong, but the system blacked out after that, meaning there wasn't a bit of power left. The last of the power must've been used shutting the system down. When I got home from school & charged it, everything was the same, except one thing. All the DSi apps in the folders were removed from them & spread in the Home Menu in a vaguely random order: chunks were in the order they were in & mixed up. This made putting them back annoying, but not as hard as it could've been. I also wonder what would happen if I didn't have enough slots available in my 3DS Home Menu. It's a minor glitch, but it should be fixed. Anyone else noticed this?


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That has always happened. Usually when the 3DS dies.

Not sure why though.

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Yup. Apparently, DSi software are really eager to get out of those folders, and will do so at their first opportunity (which for some reason is when the battery runs out).

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