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Man, I really would be downloading games, especially DKCTF today, if my WiiU WOULD LET ME ONTO THE ESHOP.
Error code 111-9000 all the way. Tried re-connecting the WiiU to the internet. Tried deleting internet settings and putting them back in again. Tried to put my WiiU closer to my wireless router. Tried restarting my wireless router. Tried plugging my WiiU into my home wall power electricity. Tried ALL THESE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME.

Help Please? I would really like it if I could get back into the eshop again -_-
Other internet services work perfectly fine on the WiiU, except for Miiverse, which loads in an HTML5 format.

This has been happening ever since christmas when the Nintendo Network services went down.

Along with this I also receive error code 111-1028. Same deal, just boots me off of the eshop.

I have no means whatsoever of trading in my WiiU or sending it in for maintenance as I live in an area where, well, we don't really have access to these things...

I wont format my WiiU because I have a bunch of games downloaded onto it before christmas, and Nintendo is just being plain idiotic not tying downloads to my account.

No way i'm buying another WiiU aswell...

This is just a huge problem. I've been looking for solutions ever since christmas. Nothing. I'm literally begging for help here. As i've said it's nothing to do with my internet as my PS4, Xbox One, PC, Phone, you name it, all work PERFECTLY FINE.

I'm just so annoyed right now, and I was so excited for DKTF, retail versions of games only hit my shelves around 3 months after games come out

I'm on the US eshop, if that helps

Also, I don't just use the eshop for retail games. I use it for some donwload only's. So waiting for games to arrive in shelves doesn't help, along with the problem of needing to buy DLC for those games...



Give me a moment while I read your first post. I'll edit in my suggestions.

EDIT: It seems like the best course of action would be to manually enter an IP address and a DNS on your internet settings. Something could be preventing access to the eShop as well. Is your router set up with any security filters?

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Sometimes, this is just a temporary issue that can be resolve if you will wait for some time and try connecting to the eShop again. Or follow brewsky's suggestion. Manually enter your IP address details on your Wii U settings. Here are the steps on how to resolve this issue:

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