Topic: Does having a us game in a European switch impact anything?

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Basically I live in the U.K. And a game is said to released later in the summer (blazeblue cross tag battle) but no date for Europe has been confirmed, however amazon have stated that they can deliver it to the uk by the 5th of June (us release date) and I was wondering if there would be any problems with this? Also I'm assuming if i get the dlc on the North Us e-shop I won't have it if I return to using the European e-shop? And finally does it NEED a pegi rating as us copies are rated by the esrb?

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You can buy USA games, they will work on European Nintendo Switch.
But you NEED to make account with USA region for DLC and something else.
And whenever you play that USA games, choose your Avatar for USA region.

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This all depends on whether the U.S. cartridge is identical to the European one. They usually are, but it would be wise to wait, lest any DLC or updates be barred from you without an American account.


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Your EU Switch should be fine with the US game.
I'm the reverse. Got my Switch in America but all my games (except Splatoon 2) bought here in the UK.
Just a note that the font and positioning of the title for US games on the spine of the physical box copy is different to that in Europe.
So if you're in any way OCD like me, seeing your pristine collection only for it to be tainted by the US font and placement might cause you to nervously twitch.



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