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23,456 songs.All burned from original CDs or from Itunes. And about 300 legal free downloads

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Currently 1111, rather have a Big game library than a Big music library and never get music to try it, only the ones I already like

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I never got into this whole music obsession that most people seem to have. I hardly ever listen to the radio, I only have maybe a couple dozen CDs (many of them are Weird Al and some of the rest are Star Wars and other movie soundtracks), and the only music I've ever downloaded has been free stuff (usually videogame remixes from Overclocked Remix and similar sites. The only reason I even have an iPod at all is because my stepdad lost his and bought and new one, and when the old one was finally found he gave it to me. I picked a few things off of my sister's mp3 player and I got some stuff from some of the CDs I own, and that makes for a grand total of a little over 100 songs on my iPod. (And even that seems like a lot to me!)



5.334 songs. about half of that is actually video game music, and about half of my video game music is Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu. I used to have an iPod, but I got tired of iTunes sucking balls, and I've never really liked anything Apple, so I bought a Zune. I don't use any music sharing sites, it's all either my music and a few CDs from my friends and family. The only music I download is video game music that they don't have soundtrack CDs for.

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I think I'm around 11,600 songs or so in my iTunes library. The vast, vast majority of them are video game, OCRemix, anime, and Japanese pop music. I have occasionally dabbled in music with English lyrics here and there.

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iTunes, but I've deleted so many. I'm actually down to 380 tunes. However, I have a little over 200 cds.

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I don't have too much music, it's all scattered so I can't give an exact figure. I often listen to stuff through Spotify and my MP3 is filled with songs ripped from the odd CD's (It's still around 500 songs though, to be fair).

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I've got well over 32,000... about a quarter of that is 80's (my fave), another half is current stuff and 90's, and another quarter is 70s/techno music... Too many to post! LOL. I did sell my cd's recently though... that's actually how I bought my dsi! LOL I have them triple backed up in different places.

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