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I wanted to try one of my own comparison topics. So who has the best customer service: Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo?

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I've only dealt with MS and Ninty, and between the two, Ninty is better. MS Customer Service is clearly outsourced (they're not that good at surpressing their accents) which i've found leads to having to jump through more hoops to get the info you need. I don't know if Ninty outsources as it's a smaller company overall, but i've had better experiences with them.

That being said, i've only rarely needed customer service from Nintendo, while from MS there have been many, many instances between the 360 and my PCs over the years.

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Why? Was it because nothing was working?

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Nintendo, by far. Their customer support speaks fluent English (big plus), are nice, and solved all my problems.



I've never needed to call customer service for nintendo (knocks on wood). Not having stuff break is the best kind of customer service. If the xbox service people are the same as the PC service people, then it can't be good though. Holding with microsoft for my PC is a waste of time.

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I thought Sony was pretty good (this was awhile ago when I needed my PS2 fixed, so it could be different these days). I had a series of HORRIBLE experiences with Nintendo's customer service that has forever soured me on it. I've never had to try Microsoft, so I'm uncertain on that.

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