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The_Other_M wrote:

Cool picture, Sonicmon. I'd also considered a Dark/Fighting/Psychic starting set (not with those exact Pokemon ). The only problem I see is that the poor Psychic 'mon is at a greater disadvantage, since psychic doesn't effect dark.

That could be changed. The type matchups are not necessarily set in stone; although it would effect a lot of things to do that.

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Or you could make the psychic one dual fight type with evolution.

Even then, I'm not a big fan of the usual psy-dark-fight starter trio other fans seem to love.

Meowph, that's right!

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@Electricmastro Did you get the Pokemon anime soundtrack 1998 - 2010? I got both CDs and they're worth getting to hear all those background music and battle music that was unreleased before.

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Morphtroid wrote:

@PoshSnivy: That's the kind of move most people woud rather replace.
If you really want it, I think every human comes with that as base move. Try the move tutor.

Sorry I mean to say I need one to prevent it. Whoops. I just edited that!

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Made my day ^

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GuardianKing wrote:



I Loved it when Red said "...". Those are words to live by.

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Is that kid under Alder his son or something? It looks like it to me anyways.
And Ghetsis has never looked uglier.

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Ghetsis lost some weight I think. Either that, or he adjusted his wardrobe to something less poofy.

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its my video i did on liquid crystal and theres no sound cause i couldnt get the sound to work



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I'm dying. I remember the kid who actually says this in the game.

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Okay, I had Oshawott, Mareep, Riolu, and Pidove with me during my gym battle with Cheren and all but my Pidove were fainted at the point of his Level 13 Lillipup. My Pidove was Level 9 and had 1 HP left right before Cheren's Lillipup fainted!

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Now then, I see a majority of you got B2/W2 That's great news! What's you team so far?

Mine is:

  • Riolu
  • Azurill
  • Mareep
  • Sewaddle
  • Pignite

EDIT: Adding this:

Also, trainers as seasons:

And just because we need a dose of cute in this thread:


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