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KaiserGX wrote:

What's THO? The Hour Otter?

Toobular honkin Owl. Jeez, Kaisy'

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Some picks in this thread, I agree with:
The Dark Knight Rises

WaveBoy wrote:

also, i haven't seen Brave yet, but i'd say Wall-e was one of the weakest Pixar flicks of the lot, While UP is without a doubt one of the greatest. It almost reduced me to man tears.

Haven't seen Brave? Check it out, at least if the 'medieval epic-ness meets childish impulse mixed with copious amounts of humor' -thing, appeals to you!

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I hated and found The Hunger games really boring. To an extent that I almost fell asleep halfway.

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I also hated The Hunger Games! The poorly drawn, horribly written, terrifyingly inconsistent comic book adaptation I made in the 7th Grade has a less confusing plot than the movie!

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

The Harry Potter movies

This....though to be fair I only really watched one fully.

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The Incredibles. Not my cup of tea. There are better Pixar films




I see I never mentioned how I dislike most Ghibli movies.

I dislike most Ghibli movies.

There we go.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

I see I never mentioned how I dislike most Ghibli movies.

I dislike most Ghibli movies.

There we go.

I partially second this.

They're not bad; they're just long and sometimes boring.

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For some reason i have no interest in the newer Pixar movies,Cars 2,Brave and Monsters UNiversity. They all seem boring and are just sequals(except Brave)and then there is also Finding Dori too.Pixar is losing originality.What i loved about Pixar was that besides Toy Story they were all original movies(Not sure if Bugs Life had a sequal)


The Godfather movies and Taxi Driver: just don't see anything in these worth glorifying. The Deer Hunter: too long and boring.

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Worst movie ever = Finding Nemo, makes me wanna shoot myself.

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