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There are a ton of movies in which the general populace completely misinterprets. Few people get many of the artsy movie concepts correct, but there are also those wayward movies that are blockbuster quality which people completely misinterpret. I am watching one right now, which the comments on the site were all "this movie is why you don't meet strangers off the internet" .... and it has zero to do with such a thing. Anyhow, add movies you observe such comments and completely incorrect reviews from.

Movie: Megan Is Missing

The actual message: Kids who do a bunch of street drugs and partying have a very low chance of survival in any situation.

How obvious: Extremely obvious, the entire first half of the movie highlights the drinking, drugs, sex, and parties these kids are going to. I mean, every weekend they're messed up, all weekend. The girls are basically abused by who they, and their parents, considered friends. There are even scenes where teens are smoking what i believe is crack on the "found footage" portions. I mean, any intelligent person can tell you from the first five minutes that these teens are doomed to die young.

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