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What are your opinions on each internet radio service?

Pandora- I love it but they still have many kinks to work out from their redesign last year. Customer support is fair. They never seem to have the right version of each song. Customer support is poor.
Slacker- An ok service but not fully compatible with Chrome (my main browser). It works on Chrome, but certain things crash it. Customer service is robotic.
iHeartRadio- Decent, but disappointing that it's run by ClearChannel.
Jango- dead as far as I care.
MeeMix- dead as far as I care.
Musicovery- dead as far as I care
CBS Radio- decent but with nonexistent customer support.
Spotify- confusing, plus I never got my password change email.

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The only one I really use is Pandora and I have to say its works decent enough for me and I never had any real problems with it or complaints.

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I just use Pandora, and I don't care for it. Spotify is supposed to be good, or at least I've heard. I just buy music usually. If I use internet, I like using YouTube's videos.


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Pandora - isn't available outside the US. Which is a shame, given people seem to like it in general. - used to use this all the time to scope out Japanese music. I seem to have scoped out pretty much all it has to offer now, though. Some poor implementation when two artists share the same name, and (specifically for Japanese music) no ruling between whether songs/artists are tagged in kana or romaji make it rather hit-and-miss for me.
Spotify - need to try this again. Made an account aeons ago and never touched it.


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