Topic: If you chose one Country/Location to live in,where would it be?

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AlexSays wrote:

I'm fine where I'm at.

All my stuff's here.

Pretty much my opinion (though where I'm at, not where Alex is at. I don't know where he's at... but I'm sure it's cool, too?). And if the question included time, I would choose the time when I was born and freeze it. My town has grown up a lot and seems to have lost much of what I liked about it before... though it is still a nice place for the most part.

But if I had to choose some place else, I don't know. Japan certainly seems a beautiful place, outside of the cities at least. There or anywhere in Latin America... at least anywhere safe for an estadounidense to live. I'm not sure we're the most popular people everywhere in the southern Americas.

Or the moon.

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I would want to say Japan but if I were to live in Japan, I'd then want to live in USA. So I'd say it doesn't matter where I live as long as I had lots of money. Since I don't have lots of money, maybe I'd like to live in Los Angeles or even Las Vegas.

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Expensive areas to live in if you don't have much money.

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I'll stay living right here in the good 'ole US of A. Although there are tons of places that I'd like to visit: Japan, China, Ireland, New Zealand, England, Egypt. With today's global turmoil, I think I'll wait though. I'd hate to be killed as a political statement.

Besides, going to Epcot is the same as going to all those places, right?



Canada or Japan.

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I like living in Ontario, Canada, so I'm going to have to say stay where I am. Or Japan. Japan looks nice.

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I love my country. I live in Kentucky (it's not as redneck as you think...but pretty close), but I love Cincinnati, Ohio and that's where I want to live. I used to live in California, and Japan, and I loved it, but Cincy is where it's at.

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Eww you guys are boring!! USA? Why would you ever want to live there?!
Japan sounds fun but I know for a fact you have to be a citizen to have property, I think? That's probably the case with most countries though!?!
I know where I'm not living!! Australia!! God I hate Australia!! Never go to Australia to live!! Darwin's okay, but that's it!! As soon as I finish high school and finish uni I'm leaving!! I'll have three languages by then hopefully so my options will be broad!! Yay!!
Probably China or France, no both. In France I'm not sure exactly where though? Maybe Lyon, Paris, Le Puy? Im not sure where abouts in China though? I hope Hong Kong changes to Mandarin in the next decade because I'd love an apartment there also!
And Singapore I love Singapore!! Oh and a French island!! I'll build a resort!! Yay!!

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I'd like to live in a nice small town in Canada that's pretty laid back and surrounded by nature and a great lake and snow mountains but isn't too far away from a bigger city. That would be my dream-location.
Kinda like this just with a town:

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That's a town!? Looks like a lake and a mountain. If there isn't a town, I say we take it over. What a sight.

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