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One trend that's really taken off in recent times, is the gaming reboot. Whether it be Tomb Raider, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Kid Icarus: Uprising, DMC, Twisted Metal, & more, there's a lot going on.

The thing I want to ask you is, do you think many reboots are needlessly mature? I'm not talking about mature in the sense of mood (which can be a very good thing), but mature in the sense of rating.

Besides Kid Icarus: Uprising, all the other big reboots this gen have had that big "M" stamp on them. Of course, it makes sense in certain cases (such as DMC, which has always been a mature franchise), but do you think traditionally "T" rated franchises like Tomb Raider, Castlevania, and Twisted Metal are better off with more graphic content, or should they (could they) have found a way to give these series a more mature vibe, while preserving the wider audience that comes with a "T" rating?


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Twisted Metal Black was also rated M so the 2012 TM wasn't the first in the series to go down that road.

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Twisted Metal should have been rated T. It originally was going to be and the gameplay didn't need an M rating. They made it to put more blood in the story, which I heard wasn't that great anyway. I was almost ready to cry when I found it was rated M. (I'm not joking either, I was really really hyped for it, I was a little watery in the eyes, but I didn't actually cry thoug. Tomb Raider being M was stupid too. From what I know, the DMC reboot had a lot more M rated stuff than before in the series too.

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Personally, I don't have a problem with mature rated content (I loved MGS3, Way of the Samurai, & Call of Duty: World at War for example, and plan on picking up Resident Evil: Revelations soon), but I do think it's largely pointless to change the demographic of a particular series, unless they're trying to broaden it's appeal (by lowering the rating), or the series' base is growing older, and it's not appealing to the younger generation (which may have played a role, here).

I do feel that there is a smaller market of "T" games in general, with many series (reboot or not) becoming more graphic, and many newer series aiming for a "M" or "E" rating at the outset.


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It could be that the people that they are trying to reach are more mature now. I mean Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal are two franchise that I played when I was a teenager/young adult. I am sure that there were others younger than me at that time that enjoyed those games are now grown up.

As for Tomb Raider getting the M rating I can see why due the the storyline and such. For Twisted Metal I dont know cause I dont own a PS3.

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Bomberman Act Zero. Yeah, the only Bomberman game I played was the DSiWare one, but this one is just ridiculous. They should make a Bomberman for 3DS now.

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I'd say the Batman Arkham games are the best current example of a successful series of games, that appeal to audiences both young and old, and it only has/needs a "T" rating.



stupid marketing people and the like notice M rated games are popular so now they are M rated.

The end.

I do agree though. Mostly.

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Remember Bomberman? That one had a reboot that was soooooo mature that it blew up.

Meowph, that's right!

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