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Everyone has thought of a game that would be awesome if it came out. Say your game. Here's my list:
Sonic X-treme
Luigi's Mansion 2
Super Mario Sunshine 2
Smash Bros Ds.


Trust me if I was working at Nintendo; I would run things differently & make them not so secretive all of the time! I'd say when advance & how long you'd wait for certain games! Plus if I was working on the Zelda team; I'd tell the creators what all of the crazed NA fans want!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mario FPS. Please.

What's this bit for again?



BODY HARVEST 2! Pleeease!

And Luigi78's awesome Mario FPS idea. Make it so!



Nice avatar, I'm a big fan of Flashback Still have original DOS version on my old computer.

On topic, a Mario FPS sounds epic.



A REAL console Pokémon, and not being ripped off with games like Collosseum, XD and Battle Revolution. What I'm talking about here is a game with gyms, badges, random battles in grass caves, water etc., just like on the DS and the various Game Boy systems.

However, Nintendo, Game Freak etc. seem to remain ignorant about how awesome this could be.

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Even though I agree with Rensch's idea, I'd personally prefer to have another return to the Orre region with better shadow Pokemon, Wi-Fi battles, and more of Cipher, the greatest villain in the Pokemon games!

While I would LOVE to have that idea, what I would want even more would be a Pokemon TCG game for the DS. Imagine it, wi-fi battles, thousands of cards to collect, and DLC for all the newest packs and decks.

Make it happen Game Freak!!

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I want Luigi to have a game that features Waluigi as the villain!

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They already made the one I want. A remake of NiGHTS into dreams... but I want it on a console I can play it on! Not just Japanese PS2's.

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Luigi's Mansion 2
Super Mario Sunshine: Return to Isle Delfino
Final Fantasy VII Wii
Waluigi World (2D Platofmer or Unique 3D Game)
Pilotwings Wii
Wave Race Wii
F-Zero Wii
Starfox Wii



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