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Pokemon taught me early on to save often. This is perhaps one reason why the ink ribbons in RE annoy the shit out of me.

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steamhare wrote:

I've lately gone crazy and started saving things only when I absolutely have to. I self impose challenges like these on myself for no discernible reason, all the time.

Consequently, I've been having some trouble in games without checkpoints and autosaves, lately.

Interesting perspective. I have found that not saving creates a tangible vibe of danger, which is admittedly quite inappropriate for a game like Pokemon where the lost progress could be unsalvagable. But for something fairly linear like an RPG it does force me to stay on my toes; I find it all the more easy to justify if I have been forced to make a choice between two or more permanent outcomes and I'm not entirely satisfied with the result!

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jesal wrote:

Try training in Fire Red for 7 hours on a plane ride getting Charizard over level 95 and forgetting -.-

LOL,Pokemon ALWAYS makes me do that. -.-
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