Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Not an absolute favorite of mine, but I'm loving the music in this game.

Also, been playing this today, and noticed how lovely the soundtrack is.

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Simon's Theme - Super Castlevania IV
Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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nearly all kingdom hearts, metal gear (solid) and zelda/metroid themes too much to write xd

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Metal Gear Solid (rising etc)

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Playing through Castlevania Lords of Shadows and given that this isn't the CV game I expected it to be and yes it borrows elements from other franchises, it is pretty fun... once you get past the first three chapters that is. Anywho, The music, even if it doesn't have the Classic/Metroidvania vibes, does sport an orchestrated blockbuster soundtrack. I really love it when Composers add Chanting to their soundtrack:

The Ice Titan

Hunting Path

Maze Gardens

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Skyblazer (SNES)

The Legend

Beginning of the Journey

Gateway to the Eastern Plains

Lair of Kharyon

Boundless Flight

Mysterious Old Man

Petrolith Castle

Raglan's Citadel

Faltline's Woods

Cliffs of Peril

Tower of the Tarolisk

Caverns of Shirol

The Temple Infernus

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I'm probably alone with this, but I really like the Mazuri Day theme from Sonic Unleashed, freaking awesome

Fun fact, it is actually a remix of the ending theme of Sonic 1 on the Master System/Game Gear


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Awesome tunes guys!



An old favourite, Jet Set Radio's Funky Radio

And for something new, from Rhythm Heaven, Love Lab

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Mother/Earthbound - All Pollyanna Themes

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