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Do you save your money waiting for something "big" or do you spend as you get it
personally i spend. after i made that transition from my parents buying my games for me, to buying them myself, ive been draining my money. so im always up for an opportunity to get money

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I save.
I'm an easy going guy, so I don't care to buy many things...
Aside from games and a few other things, I really don't have any reason to spend my money...
So yeah, I save involuntarilly I guess...
EDIT: As a result I have hundreds of dollars stocked up! (Still no job...)

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I save in case a big game comes out and I have no money



I do both, i spend when theyres something i want, i save for a big things (like the ps3 atm), and i always make sure i have a certain amount of money in my bank that i wont touch.

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I save. And then spend. Then save. Then spend. It's a nice cycle I hadn't have problems with yet.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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