Topic: Did You Ever have a Birthday Party at an Arcade?

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I only had one arcade, and it got turned into an Army Recruitment Office.

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Well not me,here in C.R dont have that good arcades T-T to make parties we had one but it broke....does a place whit roller coasters counts? =P

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In Texas we Have Mr. Gattis (pretty good Pizza & lots of arcade games but i never had a real BDay Party i mean i sent out invites & all but not many came except family wise :/

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Tails86 wrote:

Nope nobody came to my Bdays anyway

What are you talking about Tails? Anyone who didn't come to your birthday party was missing out

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Yeah, when I was about nine years old.

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There is a Gamer Works by where I live, but It's more like an arcade / bar. Hey, grownups need a place to celebrate their birthdays too!

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