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While out and about in Madrid Spain at the recent Ideame 2010 Show, Tyrone Rodriguez (Nicalis) snapped a funny photo of Alex Neuse (Gaijin Games) and Rob Alvarez De Lara (Over the Top Games) copping a fighting game pose.

Tyrone popped it on Photoshop and worked a little graphic magic to give it a more realistic fighting game look complete with a devastating special move being tagged on Alex. If I didn't know better, I'd say Alex bears a striking resemblance to Clayfighter great Ichy Bod Clay.


Anyone else out there snapped or photshopped any funny video game scenes? Post 'em if you got 'em.

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Oh that's not photoshopped--that happened. I was there.

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Alex looks like he was drawing for his imaginary six-shooter and didn't get to it in time. LOL.

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Someone should convert that to a Street Fighter version. XD

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That's a good idea Kingbuilder. I think some developer should make it into a game. Indie Kombat.

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While I don't have any funny photoshops or game screens, here's one from my backloggery a little while back;


EDIT: Please ignore the "EPIC WIN" banner I put under it. It made sense to do it at the time.

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