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So do you Guy's the the industry is at the point where more Designer and developer's are given recognition for the games they make. By this i mean in the same way people like Timberland or sam rami are household names. What got me thinking about this is is on Boom Blox it say Steven spielberg's boom blox. i mean should the next zelda game say a Miyamoto game or something to that effect when will more individual people and studios start getting recognition. Lets name some noteworthy developers and designers like this. also do you think developers need more exposure

Shiergu Miyamoto- nintendo- Legend of zelda- Super mario
David Cage- Quantic Dream- Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain
CliffyB-Epic Games- Unreal series, Shadow complex
David Jaffe- Sony- Twisted Metal, God of War
Jonathan Blow- Braid
James Silva- SKA studios- Dishwasher dead samurai
Suda51- contact, killer 7, no more heroes

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