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I'll go first

answer: You are a disgusting, terrible, and sick person. Return to the land where you came from.

topic: Once, I ate eight bags of carrots in one sitting.



A: Wow, impressive. especially since I can't even eat one
T: I have been playing a lot of Super Meat Boy recently.

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A: Untitled
T: Bacon is the best food in existence

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Uhhhh... I like potatoes...

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A:1960's Adam West Batman Series, because it's notoriously dark and serious, as the dark knight should be.
T:I'm Irish and Russian.

[16:08] LordJumpMad Hides his gut with a griddle
[16:08] Reala: what ljm does for cash is ljm's business
[16:08] LordJumpMad: Gotta look good my my next game u_u


A: That's interesting. Tell me you're not crazy, because my Russian friend is insane!

T: Parenting overall (strict schooling, next to no free time, physical punishment, etc. [all of which dims down in the teenage years])

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Nobodys_Angel wrote:

A: That's interesting. Tell me you're not crazy, because my Russian friend is insane!

T: Parenting overall (strict schooling, next to no free time, physical punishment, etc. [all of which dims down in the teenage years])

why does it matter if your friend is russian

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A: It IS nifty to see Russians.

T: It is possible that my parents will buy the PS3 in the future as a replacement for my Wii U.



A: Did you put a short circuit pocket watch that is burning in your pocket?

T: The trailer I watched recently for Sonic Lost World is AWESOME!!!



A: Glad that interest you!
T: The trailers I watched recently for Dream Team are AWESOME!!!

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A: Digimon? That's still a thing?
T: You've triggered my trap card!

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A: /me summons blue eyes white dragon in attack mode
T: Show me your moves! >:0

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A: I LOVE pizza. Give me a box and I will be able to eat.... 4 or 5 slices usually.

T: Fixing to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. Not too anticipated, but still excited.



A:I like the popsicles that turn into two popsicles.
T: Rev Up Those Fryers.....

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