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Topic: Bias.

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@theblackdragon..... Im with you there. I also go to Metacritic to look at ALL the reviews score for an average to get the best feel of the game actual potential.

With that said there have been a lot of big changes to just about ALL sites/mag in the last few months with the economy crapping out and it seems like ALL sites reviews have been drastically different on some games wich is really questionable. Bionic Commando X360/PS3 recieved from a 2 (out of 5) up to a 9 (out of 10) if I remember correctly. That is a HUGE difference and the game is actually very good. I think NL is spot on on some reviews BUT it seems lately some reviews have been very generous to some games and I felt a little let down after my purchase, but hey who is counting its an opinion from the guy playin the game.

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I hate IGN's reviews. They bashed Water Warfare,they bashed Overturn, and they gave Sexy Poker a MUCH HIGHER score than Nintendo Li...
IGN likes to bash Wii and WiiWare games, it is riduculous. Nintendo Life's reviewers are much more honest.
I only trust Nintendo Life for reviews.

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Gamepro is defindently bias to Nintendo. See there poorly reviewed The Conduit and you'll see what I'm trying to say.

IGN is a good review site to me, however, the boards are very bias. Trolls on Wii Boards are very common and I hate them. It's like they want me to become an absolute Wii hater, which I will not let happen.

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I like Game Informer! I trust their reviews. :P

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