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Title says for itself. Everyone else hates a game but you love it...and why? I LOVE skyward Sword, but you know everyone's stance on that now. What are some games that you HATE but everyone loves? I hate Anime-chibi-mobile-JRPG type games, and despise senran kagura and Gal Gun.



Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Not my favorite, but I've definitely played games a lot worse than this)

Paper Mario: Color Splash ("Wehh!! It's Sticker Star 2!! -99/100!!" True, but it fixed a lot of problems.)

Mario Party 9 (The Car mechanic wasn't fun, but the mini games were)

Mario Party 10 (Same for 9, except that the car mechanic worked out better in Bowser Party. I personally enjoyed this more than Super Mario Party)

Skyward Sword (My favorite 3D Zelda even today. Controls take some time getting used to, though.)

Star Fox Zero (Aside from the motion controls at times, it was pretty good...for me, at least)

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Gameplay wise, this is a more complete version of BIS' battle system)

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (The story, characters, and environments could've been better looked at, but this game ended up being good in the end!)

Animal Crossing: City Folk (So disappointed with Wild World and I expected City Folk to be the same. I was wrong. It had more content to make up for the lack of GCN features that WW did, plus each player had their own house that time as opposed to all players being stuck like roommates. CF didn't wow me as much as GCN and now NL, but at least it felt more like a complete version of a game)

Pokémon Sun/Moon (No idea why people were disappointed with this. I mean, the changes these games did are what got me back into this series after HGSS. No more of those dated HMs, no more of those dated Gyms, etc. I wasn't disappointed at, I was born in Hawaii, so that gets bonus points as well...)

Super Bomberman R (People whine so much about the game being "overpriced", yet here we have a prototype of a tech demo that's priced the same as well, offering only 28 barebones mini games with little quality or lack thereof. Though I still enjoyed the launch version of Bomberman R, the updates it received then made a HUGE difference. Yes, that "tech demo" I was talking about was 1-2-Switch)

That's all I have for now, though. I can't really think of a series or game I HATE at the moment, but I honestly cannot stand the mainline Yo-Kai Watch games for their battle systems and mechanics (though the upcoming fourth one is looking pretty decent).

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Im opposite in that I seam to hate the games that everyone else loves like odyssey & botw but I wont go on. Im not a troll..



San Francisco Rush and Shadowrun (XBox360) are the 2 games that stand out for me. RUSH controlled poorly and had God awful music, but damn the game was a riot. Shadowrun I consider way ahead of it's time.

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Splatterhouse on 360, Duke Nukem Forever. Both of them were good for what they were; a trip down memory lane.


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"Bad" games that I liked:

-Catz on GBA (This isn't a good game but for some reason I find it fun)
-Mario Party 9 (I thought the car was fun, even though I kinda wished it wasn't mandatory)
-Mickey's Speedway USA (Controls were super smooth and had some of the N64's best graphics)
-Wii Music (It's a lot of silly fun with the right bunch of people)

"Good" games that I disliked:

-90% of indie games I've played (I dunno what it is, but most indie games fail to impress me)
-Final Fantasy IX (Horrendously long loading times and overly simple, boring mechanics)
-Radiant Historia (Some great ideas here but felt a bit unbalanced for my liking)

Games I was disappointed by, but still enjoyed:

-Dragon Quest VIII (Movement and battles were slow and mechanics were shallower than other DQs)
-Super Mario Galaxy (Great levels but the controls felt heavy and sluggish compared to other 3D Marios)
-Kingdom Hearts (Thought it was okay, but too button mashy)

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Not sure "everyone hates" Skyward Sword...I think it's just easy to notice the vocal group of haters!

One game I swear by is Recore. I really loved the combination of shooting and platforming, and was quite into the overall setting. A solid 8/10 imo, although I didn't play it until it was rereleased and patched. I have no idea just how bad the original release was.



Probably Sticker Star. It makes so many baffling, stupid decisions that doesn't understand how normal games work. It's like literally any NES game that had puzzles or exploration, it's just stupid and poor at conveying things to the audience. But honestly, it's still fun. Like the actual gameplay is still Mario RPG gameplay, and a watered down Mario RPG is still fun.

Other M borders on this as well. Even ignoring Yoshio Sakamoto getting a 0 in writing class, the gameplay does feel like ultimately fun gameplay that's surrounded by weird and bad design decisions.

Bomberman 64 as well.

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@kkslider5552000 Bomberman 64? I didn't know there were many people who disliked that game. My friends and I all loved it.

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Ooo Bomberman Hero! And Hannah Montana on 360. Played it for achievements, and it was actually fun. I really enjoyed Other M, as well.


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@HobbitGamer I feel like people just sort of automatically hated Bomberman Hero just because it was a Bomberman game without multiplayer. As far as 3D platformers go, it's pretty solid.

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Minecraft. Seriously, I love the game & am great at building unique buildings & statues... but it's creating just for the sake of it.

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"Bad" games i still like :
1. MySims Wii & NDS
Cute characters despite of very shallow gameplay.

2. MySims Kingdom Wii & NDS
Same as MySims.

3. Harvest Moon Animal Parade Wii
Still a Decent Harvest Moon despite of Frame rate drops on Almost entire places (20 fps), harder games and the Infamous Child Lost glitch.

4. Cooking Mama series & the spinoffs.
Fun cooking games despite i still found the way of cooking were silly or didn't make a sense.

5. Paper Mario Sticker Star 3DS & Color Splash Wii U
Both of them are really Bad in Battle system (Must use sticker / card to attack) but the Things Summon are the Best part.

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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@I_Am_A_Geek I mean, "bad games" are pretty subjective. I don't think a game can be considered factually bad unless we analyze it purely from a functional perspective. Meaning, does the game play properly? Or is it riddled with glitches and errors that make it not work right?

In that sense, for me it would be Fallout New Vegas. I really liked that game, but it was chalk full of bugs and I had several game breaking ones that forced me to reload previous saves. But I still enjoyed it enough that I'd play it again if it got ported to Switch randomly.

As for games that a lot people dislike, like your example of Skyward Sword, I liked that game too. I've also seen a lot people disliked Pokemon X and Y but while they weren't my favorite Pokemon games, I did really like them and spent hundreds of hours breeding Pokemon in them because that generation made the breeding mechanics so much better.

Hearthstone seems to have a lot of haters too, but I like it a lot.

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Quite a handful of 3DS games actually: Paper Mario SS, Triforce Heroes, Fire Emblem Birthright and Conquest, The 3DS Mario and Luigi games, NSMB2, The Pokemon games except for ORAS, Yoshi's New Island..

All of these kinds fall into the same category; not the strongest in their respective series, but definitely not as terrible as the internet made them out to be. I rather enjoyed Paper Jam and the aforementioned Fire Emblem games a lot.

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All the games I like are good by virtue of me liking them

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I wouldn't call some of these bad games, it's just that they have very vocal groups of haters. Skyward Sword for example is still what I would call a decent Zelda game despite its flaws. I'd probably rank it towards the bottom of the 3D Zelda list but still above some other entries when compare to the entire series. As for PM: Color Splash, I'm currently playing through it and am actually enjoying it. The turn-based combat is cruddy other than when using Thing cards, but the presentation and writing are both keeping me playing for now. Moving onto both FE: Fates games....While I haven't yet played Birthright, I enjoyed Conquest's maps and many of the characters. The story also had about as many plot holes as Swiss cheese, but it wasn't bad. Besides, some of the haters are making a mountain out of a molehill about the "censorship" at play with these.

The only bad game that I've liked that comes to mind was Big Rigs Over The Road Racing on PC. Technically it was my brother's game. It really was a buggy mess, but that in part was what made it so fun. =3

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The one that comes to mind is Geist, I absolutely adore that game. But I know in my heart it's not that good of a game, despite everything. Still one of my favorite gamecube games, and man did that system have a lot of good games.

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link3710 wrote:

The one that comes to mind is Geist, I absolutely adore that game. But I know in my heart it's not that good of a game, despite everything. Still one of my favorite gamecube games, and man did that system have a lot of good games.

Geist is one of those games that I wish got a sequel that lived up to the potential of what it could've been, because I LOVE the concept of how it's implimented. First person shooter mixed with ghost possession puzzle game is an awesome idea and I still remember the game despite only playing it once near release. Especially the bosses, some of the rare actually interesting FPS bosses.

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