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Topic: Anyone Here Like Giant Robots?

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it's easier to ask who doesn't!!!!!! I love giant robots, small ones, and big ones! I was making a robot(now I don't care about it since the programmer started annoying everyone, and to make things worse he's programming in a language that only, in the group, knows so ha becomes "indipensible"), the last mecha anime I watched was Ginga Kikoutai: majestic price(still didn't watch the last 2 episodes though) I like gundam but the ones that got me interested are hard to find so I didn't watch many. my favorite giant robot designs are some of the ones from Patlabor. my favorite video game only giant robot is the Great Sacred Treasure, and I think that's all I have to say...

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Good to see another Patlabor fan! And I gotta say, kudos for getting as far as you did in Majestic Prince. Maybe it's just because I've seen so many Mecha anime, but I found it to be too bland and generic to get into. Still much better than Valvrave, though...

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There is a new giant robot, is from a zombie game!

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Oh definitely! While I'm not as versed in the popular stuff as I'd like to be (I've never really watched any Gundam but I plan on it, I've only started watching Eva, etc.) I know of some and I've recently realized just how much I love robot/mecha stuff. I thought some of the designs in Eureka 7 were cool, but over all I didn't understand the whole air-surfing thing (it's been a whole though) Also that new Pacific Rim was really entertaining at least for the robots, I can't wait until I can get my hands on its art book. And I love Gurren Lagann, especially Viral's mech. I've also watched a little Code Geass and like I've said, Eva. And I have some mech figures but I dont know what theyre from. This reminds me that I really should watch some Gundam, I know there are some Gundam Wing tapes somewhere around. But anyways to sum it up I love even the idea of giant robots and mech a lot. I can't wait for X. :D

EDIT: Oh and I like Big O, too!

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