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Here we go, finally some gameplay from bloodborne

I'm kind of confused. It looks really similar to Dark Souls, so why make a new IP at all instead of making a Dark Souls 3? I mean, From Software has made a vast variety of different RPGs.

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Was anyone a little upset when people were booing Zero since he won the invitational? I feel like all those people who were booing him were doing it for the wrong reasons.

First off, the invitational shouldn't be taken too seriously since there were items, and even though the final match had none, it was only one match and the players didn't have too much experience with the game. Secondly, I think people were booing Zero simply because he wasn't Hungrybox; they only wanted Hungrybox to win just because of his reputation in the Smash community. Another thing is that people were complaining that Zero was spamming his side-b / side-special move, but Zero can do that if he wants to, nobody's gonna force him to do something else (plus he won by doing something most people wouldn't do in sudden death; a grab). Lastly, this tournament was for fun, no money was involved as far as I know. People seriously need to relax.

Overall, I just think people at the invitational weren't very considerate of the circumstances this tournament brought.

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I sort of felt that the B-side move spamming to go into sudden was cheap as someone who mostly plays traditional fighting games.


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looking back... this E3 was pretty meh. lol



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