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@antdickens Are we ever gonna like, put a link to it on the main page anytime soon? It could use some more members, it's a ghost town in there sometimes. Also, chat mods, we need them. That "Forum Mod" role I have doesn't do anything, it just makes me feel special on there. lol
also I'm the only forum mod that's on there all the time

Anyways yeah, make the place more alive already! >.<


I concur. There's hardly any activity there and when there is, it's a select few people in the general chat.


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I can take part if you tell me how. I haven't used Discord before.

I programmed a simple tool that copies all Switch screenshots from an SD card and places them to folders according to the game:

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I might get on if I had a link.



I'd definitely hang out there if there was a link somewhere.

Have a nice day/ good night!

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