Topic: How Often Do You Visit NL?

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I use to go to the following websites (these were my go to sites I'd visit every day and legitimately browse for an extended period of time. This was the case up until about last month) (never the homepage) (and the forums)

(Along with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). A LOT of my time was spent online.

Now it looks more like this: (never the homepage) (to a MUCH lesser extent) (and the forums)

NintendoLife has become my primary source of Nintendo news. It wont be long before I leave the site of RawMeatCowboy.

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I'm off and on pretty much all day, thanks to the constantly evolving state of the forums.

I also visit Nintendo World Report once a day, and IGN a couple times a week (used to be my main site, until my iPod quit working).


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