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Just got my first uploaded level approved by the big N. Now I´m curious what you think about it. I named it "Toddler". If you don´t find it in the "New Levels" area, let me know and we swap friendcodes. As of now I have only uploaded it to the public area and don´t know if I also can upload it to the friends corner as well. Don´t have any Minis March Again friends yet.

I have a small expectation that we could do some level swappin´ without friendcodes but... maybe not. I´ll post my friendcode later, if somebody wants it.

Upload/download levels, leave feedback, exchange friendcodes.

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There's a section of the forums dedicated to online matchmaking/level sharing called Online Gaming or something close to that. That's the place for this kind of thing. Just be sure to search through all of the pages before you create one, as there probably is a page already devoted to MMA there. Additionally, don't confuse the Miniland Mayhem thread for the one you're looking for. They're similar, but not the same.

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@Birdman13: I thought about it but for no particular reason... opted not to.

@jdarrel: Thank you, I looked but just couldn´t find it, nah, I didn´t bother trying the search function I thought that I better not look too far back in time. Some people starts naggin then about wakin´ up old dead threads.

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naah, it's cool where the Online Gaming section is concerned, Mange. Feel free to stir up some level-swapping in the aforementioned existing thread. :3

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