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Hi all. First post.

I got my daughter a 2DS bundle for christmas with Tomodachi Life on a pre installed sd card. Unfortunatley the ds screen has broken beyond repair. We bought her another bundle this time with Mario Bros 2 pre installed on a sd card.

Mario works fine but when I remove the sd card and place the Tomodachi Life card in the new ds, i'm getting nothing? I've tried transfering the data all onto the new (Mario) card but I still get no joy.

My question is: Are the games built into the actual ds consoles or am I missing somthing when transfering data?

Thanks for your help.



I'm not sure about pre installed games in bundles, but I know that digital games on the 3DS are locked to the Nintendo Network ID associated with them.
If you didn't set one up with the original 2DS, then I think you're screwed. If you did set one up, then maybe try going on the eShop and go to the download list to see if it's there?
You could contact Nintendo Customer Support about it and see if they can help if you didn't set one up, but I dunno.
Oh, y'know, you could've just got the Tomodachi 2DS repaired instead by sending it in, so you kinda wasted your money there by buying a new one. You say "beyond repair", but Nintendo should be able to repair it, or even replace it if it really is non-repairable.


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