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I was wondering if anyone know of a good Ni no Kuni translation? It would be much appreciated. CUTE! :3


Just go with the PS3 version. Much less hassle involved.



I don't have a PS3. CUTE! :3


Then it's the DS Japanese version for you.


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I'm just wondering, why do you need one? If you don't speak Japanese, and if you're going to force yourself to try to play the Japanese DS version because you don't have a PS3, it just seems like a lot of hassle. Do you actually have the DS version?

I have Ni no Kuni (and live in Japan and speak Japanese), and I would think this is one of the hardest titles to just try and follow. The guy in the guide that was linked even admits his Japanese isn't very good.

Either save up for a PS3, or take some Japanese classes to play the DS version, or maybe watch some trailers for both versions and call it a day. Its a big game, and it does come with a giant illustrated book for use with the game, and there's a deep story involved. It seems just like if you're not going to play the version that was localized in your region, you're only allowing yourself a partial look into a much larger experience anyway.

EDIT: I even tried to read some of the translation guide. Even going over a few of the scenes where I felt an emotional connection and even cried at some parts, I mean, you can't just read someone's quick 20 word summary of that kind of stuff and call it a day...
There's absolutely no power to it at all.

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