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Two of my favorites are the first Batman and Indy: Original Adventures, which I have for PS3. I'm thinking about getting the DS versions as well. I know they may be trimmed a little, but if I enjoy the big versions, do these compare well? I'll get Batman 2 on 3DS for sure, though I know the open world is cut, but I want the extra characters.

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I liked the Star Wars one, but I've never tried the Batman/Indy ones.

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I would, but specific questions/requests/comparisons can get buried too easily. I'll probably just get the games anyway. Thanks.

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Lego games that are awesome:

Lego Indiana Jones - DS (The Original)
Lego City Under Cover - 3DS
Lego Star Wars - 3DS

Lego games to AVOID:

Lego Indiana Jones 2 - DS - Play's nothing like the original & is very frustating!
Lego Battles - DS
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - 3DS - Play's great the only problem is the freezing issue with the game.

I use to be very much into the Lego series & the above games I've bought & some have traded in like in the AVOID section lol.

In August there making a game called Lego Friends - 3DS. I plan on picking it up after i get me my wii u in august so will let you know if the game is decent or not.

The way Lego Friends - 3DS sounds though from description on amazon & other websites etc. Sound's alot like the barbie games but only in Lego style/girly lol. Be very interesting to try out.

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Thanks for the input Barbie! Yeah Indy 2 was bad on PS3 as well. Generally, the individual levels weren't too bad, but the smash up derby between levels was just too annoying and not fun at all. I will definitely pick up Undercover on 3DS. Maybe Star Ward DS too. I plqyed it a lot on PS3. Still have to 100% it though!

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Lego Stars Wars 2 on the DS is a glitchy cesspit,and I steer clear of that one.
Lego Batman 1 on DS on the other hand runs really really well,and dare I say it,I enjoyed the DS version more than the console one.

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