Topic: Are you going to buy Uno when it comes to WiiWare & DSiWare?

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Yes, UNO can be played with random people. As for the DSiWare version, I'd imagine it can be played with multiple DSi systems (maybe they'll add DS Download Play too not just for DSi's?) AND alternatingly.

You guys can expect it between now and August, I'm predicting. It is confirmed for this Summer though.



I'm undecided. I could go XBLA, but the Wii controller is more inviting for family get togethers. And still there's the added benefit of taking it on the road with dsi. I'm so confused.

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Depending on price. If its more than 600 points, then I can just get it on my iPod for 5.00 and its still going to Gameloft's.



I love UNO and Im to lazy to go out and get cards so this is a download for me

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