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Hey everybody,

I just checked the EU shop for new DSiWare and – yay, PiCOPiCT made its way to Europe!
Oh, and there's this other game, Popstar: Road to Celebrity for 800 Points (by Gameloft). I haven't downloaded that one.

Summary from

This is a social simulation game in which players follow the storyline of a young girl who aspires to become a pop star. Players can engage in a mixture of musical challenges (e.g., dance battles and playing guitar), social objectives (e.g., developing a friendship or scaring a rival), and even maintenance of health and hygiene. During the course of the game, players will need to guide their characters into bathrooms in order to relieve themselves, which is depicted by a toilet paper icon and an opaque star covering the character.



PiCOPict seems a must buy to me. At first, I thought the other DSiWare game was POP



I've just downloaded PICTOPICT along with AQUITE. I intend to play them on the plane tommorow as fly to spain.



wow that game sounds.....awful. At least you guys got the art style games too.

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Popstar Superstar sounds a lot worse than it is, you create a charater (male or female) and a style like punk, preppy, rock etc, and then you have to become a celebrity via whatever means. Its more like a lighter version of the Urbz with a couple of cool minigames you can play anytime (they become unlocked from main menu), you can even play multiplayer in the form of a band, My favourite mode is Drums and would actually like a drum game with a much larger number of songs available to be released on DSiware beause of this game.
Basically it isnt a great game, but it is a good game and like their last effort on DSiware it has plenty of content to make the 800 points / £6 worth shelling out for.

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In terms of it's price-tag and what else is available on the DSi Ware service it's a great game in my opinion.



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