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I know this game has been talked about to death and I bet a lot of people aren't buying it, but I figured I would start up a thread for any fans out there!

I actually LOVE this game. I think it's legacy is hilarious, and I want to get the HD version on PS3 sometime soon (would be nice if that came out for Wii U or 3DS though...) Any other fans of this game out there?

One thing I have learned about this game, and this could be a helpful tip to anyone picking it up for the first time: the trick to this game is to CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES. You don't need to get EVERY item and bomb to advance, all you need are the keys. Keep this in mind, and if you find a certain obstacle too challenging, try to determine whether or not you NEED what is beyond it. The bat in the first level is a great example of this: the bat poops on you which for some reason kills you. The problem is, there is not pattern, sometimes he will pause, or sometimes he will be s&^%ing constantly. Beyond him, though, there is only an air tank and a money bag, neither of which you NEED to pick up in order to advance. If you get lucky, they're nice to have, but I personally just choose to skip him. You can also shoot it by aiming up and using your gun, but again, whether or not this is worth it is debatable, especially since it isn't permanent.

There are MANY other examples of moments like that in this game. Trust me, determine what you NEED to do and the game becomes much easier to get through!


I like this game, too. Grew up with it and it was the only title available to rent from my local video rental store. lol SO I played it again and again and again. Takes me back. Love the simple graphics and level of difficulty is astounding. You kids with your suspend states, you have no idea. lol For a real old skool challenge, turn the suspend points OFF and play this one.

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