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I've never been a fan of Pokemon, but if NIntendo releases it on the Virtual Console, they should add actual connectivity, and not overcharge (all other GB games cost $4) like they do with anything Pokemon besides the actual main series now.

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I think that they should rere-release the original red and blue versions for 3DS. As long as they continue to put a fresh coat of paint on the best generation of Pokemon (By Far!!) I will continue to buy them.

rereleases aside, I hope that the new 3DS version has you seeing the pokemon in the grass rather than just randomly running into them. It would also be cool if it panned around the battle like in the Pokemon Stadium and GCN Pokemon games.

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I'm so disappointed that they can't get their act together and release a VC Pkmn game, so I just play Fire Red on my Android phone with a GBA emulator Ninty are missing out cos I wud buy it for VC if it was out) sad, but true.


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Man I don't know about this "defined the Game Boy" business, especially since it came out at the end of original GB's life. All my buddies and I were perfectly content with our Game Boys before we even knew what a pogey man was. Tetris and Super Mario Land 2, now those were big titles (well and the Final Fantasies but what can I say, I'm a nerd)

Umm, but flame-baiting aside Red/Blue was a fantastic game and remains my favorite (though Ruby/Sapphire is close, CLOSE). I'd love to see them on the VC, even if trading didn't work right.

Where's the KABOOM?! There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KABOOM! sigh delays...delays...


Even if there were no way to link with other players, if a VC Pokémon RBY could connect/transfer to X&Y, that would be good enough for me. Maybe even two-way Pokédex compatibility, so any of the original 151 that you collect in X&Y would appear in your RBY Dex.

Not only would this result in amazing retro goodness but, if done right, could be a way to invite older players – who may have been away from the series for a while – to give the new games a fair chance.


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I must be the only person here that doesn't want red and blue on te e shop. The games are so outdated it seems a bit pointless, as pokemon battles have evolved so much. Plus, psychic types are so overpowered in gen 1 it's rediculus (excuse my spelling).



I don't really see the problem if potential older Pokémon games realeased on the Virtual Console would lack the whole multiplayer thing. I've NEVER played any Pokémon game in multiplayer mode, and it's still one of my favourite game series of all time. It would be really nice to play the older games again, which I can't do at the moment, since I have no clue where my old Game Boy Color is...



Pokemon mini on the VC would be nice. And pokemon trading card game,pokemon pinball and puzzle challenge

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