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I would recommend turning off the save states and playing the game the way it was supposed to be played

I have even been closing the game with the power button even if I don't have the timer on. I think I'll start to do that with most of my VC games from now on, since it feels more "natural" to start the game from the title screen.

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Well I only started using save states when I realized my horse wasn't growing, and wanted to see if it would ever grow.. I never used it before that. No idea if that's what caused my game to mess up, but it's definitely worth looking into.

Update: Okay, on my third playthrough the horse finally grew up on the right date. Everything is fine now. Finally. Now I can play it for real. I need a chicken now.

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Hi, does anyone know exactly how fast in game time goes by when you turn the timer on and then don't play the game?
I need to leave the timer on and not play the game for a while in order to get the sickle back from the harvest sprite if i'm correct?
Just kinda worried as to how much of the game in terms of days I will miss by doing this.



Weird, I left my timer on overnight and It had skipped around 10 days, but I did set it on fast.

Edit: I've managed to get the super sickle and super hoe now. It seems setting the timer on fast and then setting the 3DS time forward a couple of hours does the trick and only skips 1 or 2 days.

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